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Cinque Terre


The Eastern Italian Riviera from La Spezia, visiting the Cinque Terre of Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Monterosso, Corniglia and Manarola.

Our Inspiration

The Eastern Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for its geographic and cultural landscape. Sail past the five picturesque cliffside villages, pausing at their ports to soak up the character over aperitifs. Leave from La Spezia for the island of Palmaria to swim in immaculate seas. On to Riomaggiore where you can visit the historic castle and church of San Giovanni Battista, built in 1340. Then in turn sail between Vernazza, Monterosso, Corniglia and Manarola. Porto Venere is a fishermen’s village with a 16th century Doria castle. Golfo Dei Poeti is named for literary visitors who found inspiration here, like Byron and Shelley. The Liguria region is famous for focaccia and the most flavoursome basil which will feature in your chefs’ dishes along with an abundance of fresh seafood.

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